About Me


For the last decade, I have been a secondary English teacher. For a brief time, I was a teacher on maternity leave. Then, a teacher who worked part time. I’ve worked in “tough” schools that struggle to retain staff. I’ve taught the students some would dread. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve cried. I’ve sworn. I’ve been sworn at. I’ve been too honest about the world. I’ve been pushed. I’ve listened. I’ve acted. But, after so many years of being institutionalised, I felt it was time for another adventure. 

I’ve been working with teens to encourage them to dream big and work hard so they can achieve anything; it would be remiss of me to ignore my own advice. So my husband and I decided to take the things we enjoy, books, nature, music, teaching, and find more time for these in a totally different setting: Bordeaux. I made the decision that I would leave the classroom in favour of a career as a freelance writer and educator. 

Now my time is split between teaching, writing and reading. I provide online tuition to students from across the world. When I’m not tutoring, I’ll be found devouring novels and scribbling in my notebook.

You can read some of my work, here. Or come and say hi over on Instagram.

- Amy Benziane


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